Dammarie-lès-Lys : Explorez le bien-être avec Ezen grâce à des séances de yoga, de danse et de méditation

“Zen, soyons zen,” sang Zazie. The call certainly reached the ears of the co-founders of the brand-new association Ezen in Dammarie-lès-Lys, Seine-et-Marne. Yoga, meditation, and dance are on the agenda for the classes that began on September 18.


Depending on the time slots, several activities are offered to association members. “We offer yoga, with several levels, including a dedicated part for relaxation and meditation,” explains Magali Baqué, president and co-founder of this new association.

In parallel, dance classes will be provided. “It’s also a way to express oneself and relax. We are only in the pleasure of dancing, without the goal of creating a year-end show,” she continues.

The main aim of these two activities is to gently work on muscles and joints while moving the entire body. “Sessions and figures adapt to the needs of the members. If someone has shoulder pain, we can focus the work on that part of the body,” she emphasizes.

Real Demand

The creation of this association results from an observation by four friends living in the area: Isabelle, Magali, Emmanuelle, and Magali Baqué. “We felt the need to provide access to relaxation and meditation practices at unconventional hours, catering to everyone: remote workers, families…” summarizes the president of Ezen.

These friends, who already had experience in the associative world, have observed over time the rise in demand. “Since Covid, people are looking for ways to relax. We could confirm this during the association forum: there is a real interest,” confirms Magali Baqué.

Thus, sessions ranging from 45 minutes to 1 hour 30 minutes, depending on the chosen slot, are offered on Mondays at the Didier Lockwood Center for Music, while dance sessions take place on Thursdays at the Jean-Macé schoolyard of the Maurice-de-Seynes school.

Ezen, however, does not intend to stop there. “During the year, we will offer workshops open to everyone, members or not. You will only need to pay an entrance fee,” she announces.

A few spots are still available. There probably won’t be much meditation needed before deciding to join Ezen!