When you come to home the first thing you notice is the curb appeal. Whether the garden looks well-tended the trees and shrubbery is trimmed and the lawn is manicured are all details that you should not overlook. Fresh mulch and new plants can be just as important. We use Husqvarna chainsaws to trim our hedges and prune our trees. Keep your walkways open and free of obstacles for guests to give them an inviting feeling.

Taking the time to pick up trash from around your yard can be something of a game with your children, give them a nickel for ever piece they collect for you. Using your hose and spray nozzle can help you remove dirt from the exterior of the house and can get the dirt out of the cracks in the sidewalk too. Consider giving your home a fresh coat of paint, it can give your home a whole new look.

Once you have the person inside your living space, the second impression of your home is just as important. Little things like dusting can be very important. Keeping your home clutter-free and clean helps show it off. Having your carpets cleaned or replacing them can be an important step in impressing people. Hardwood floors can be resurfaced if needed. Your home is your castle, show it off like it is one.

Walls with cracks and holes in it can make guests’ eyes stray to details you would want to hide. A premixed drywall compound, putty knife and sandpaper can fix unsightly cracks and small holes. A fresh coat of paint can be a dramatic change to any room and given its affordability, it is no wonder why the professionals do it all the time. Looking to have a cohesive look, why not buy a black dining room set and balance your colors in accent pieces around the room.

You may wish to consider bringing some of the outdoors inside. It can certainly give your home a natural inviting look. Easily add some elegance to any room with a crystal decanter with a singular cream-colored pillar candle in the center and dark river rocks scattered about.

Another great way to create an ambiance throughout the house is by selecting a color to carry through the entire house, whether it is as the main feature or simply as a small accent to a bolder stronger color. For example, a soft tan works well with cool colors, blues and greens or with warm colors such as reds and oranges. Places that are connected at the hip so to speak could use varying color combination choices, the master bath and the master bedroom come to mind as a set.

The kid’s room does not have to be a mishmash of colors. Select one color and use that for the walls and as the main color for the bedding. Select a second color from the bedding and use that to find fabrics for the curtains and bed skirt. For a full loft bed, it could be a privacy screen if the children share bedrooms. A custom curtain that matches will give the room a stunning impact.

Closets are a great indicator whether the room was designed to be a bedroom or lack of one indicates that it was intended to be an office or storage area. You may wish to consider adding a closet if the room does not contain one. If you do keep it as a storage area, consider purchasing one specific brand of container and matching your containers from there with it to give it a unified look. A local realtor would best be able to help you determine what improvements you make to the house would sell the best in the market your house is in. They deal with potential buyers each day.

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