While it’s easy to let the change of seasons get you down, just a few simple changes to a favorite room can do wonders for your mood. Why not start with the bedroom? Considering that the average person spends a little over 8 hours of sleep each day, making over your bedroom makes sense, doesn’t it?

While window treatments might be considered more aesthetic than functional, it’s important that you have window coverings that are conducive to getting a good night sleep—this means treatments that don’t let in too much light. Why not consider switching your standard typical Venetian blinds to Roman shades? Unlike Venetians which allow light to slip through between each slat, Roman shades are made from a single sheet of fabric which blocks light almost completely. Available in various colors, patterns and styles including room darkening, blackout, light filtering and sheer, Roman shades are perfect for sprucing up the appearance of your bedroom and helping you get a better night’s sleep.

The bed is another place where a couple of simple changes can change the entire look of your bedroom. While there’s no doubting the hassle-free option of keeping the mattress on top of the box spring and pushing the bed in the corner – you can really free up some space by moving the bed away from the wall and purchasing a bed frame. A simple wooden or metal bed frame, complete with a headboard and footboard can really make all the difference in the world! Take your bedroom from ‘college dorm’ to modern and chic, and with plenty of affordable options out there, you don’t have to break the bank! If storage space is a concern, then consider getting a bed frame that includes a handy bookcase headboard. Style and storage all in one! Some bed frames might even provide you with more under-bed storage space.

Dressing your bed is also a must. Consider purchasing a duvet cover, accent pillows, new sheets or a dust ruffle. Purchasing a duvet color in a different color palate is great for the changing of the seasons. Simply stuff your comforter inside the duvet cover and presto…you have a new comforter! You might even consider upgrading to a down comforter or duvet fill for the colder winter months. Also, by adding a bolster pillow, body pillow or euro pillow you can add some style and panache to your bed relatively inexpensively.

Once you’re done with the bed, why not go the extra mile and rearrange some of your bedroom furniture? Throw down an inexpensive area rug or runner and you have another splash of color! By sprucing up your bedroom’s style and changing some things around you’d be amazed at how much better you’ll feel! It will feel like a brand new room and should help combat the inevitable winter blues.

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