Making a house a home is the most enjoyable part of owning a house. Turning that drab new build into your own personal space is fun. Having creative control over the design can be great fun. Home furnishing stores and places like Ikea see the value in home art and offer a variety of art suitable for your home. They offer large photos and pieces of famous artwork adapted and reproduced for your home.

Images of cult icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, and Clint Eastwood can really add a touch of class to a home and are extremely popular. As are prints of famous pieces of art such as van Gogh’s starry night and Monet’s Lillies. In my opinion, these reproductions look great but to avoid your home becoming a centre of cliched reproductions I would suggest that you try to personalise your space with your own art.

Creating your own art can be a daunting task especially if the last time you held a paintbrush was in primary school and especially if you always favoured the paint sponge or potato print. But there is no need to despair; there is a way to create stylish pieces of art without needing to be particularly proficient. Canvas art enables people to transfer photos that have taken on to canvas with a number of different style effects. It is simple quick and can be completed to any size with a number of different styles. All you need is a photo and let’s be honest we all have some great photos of our family or scenic snaps of our last holiday – why not turn these into a wall canvas.

One of the favourite effects that can be reproduced for this type of art is the Warhol effect. This takes your photo and transforms it into block of primary colours. The most famous examples of Warhol’s work are the picture of Marilyn Monroe and Campbell’s Tomato Soup. In both of these Warhol took the major features and colours of each and changed the primary colours. He also duplicated the image and repeated it a number of times on the canvas. This effect can be achieved easily by the companies that produce canvas art. It can also be catered to your taste so that you can select your favoured colours.

The size and shape of the canvas you use can be catered to your tastes. Often it is extremely effective to use a single image such as a picture of a beach and stretch it across a handful of different pieces of canvas. The canvases can then be placed with a small gap between each and will provide a striking break and will really optimise the impact of the image. Canvas art companies often refer to these types of canvas art as ‘splits’.

They can be arranged in any type of configuration. For example, you may want an image to be split into four to provide four square images that make up the complete image. You may have a long panoramic view that you want vertically broken a number of times to provide a number of smaller images that make up the complete image.

Photos on canvas can be created by a company and all you have to do is email a photo and the specifications you require. All of the decisions can be made online making it a very quick way of fitting out your home or office. The canvas can then be posted to you complete with frames and fitting instructions. This makes it a quick, cheap and stylish way of personalising your space.

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