Get the Best out of Your Humidifiers

Thanks to modern technology, humidifiers are tremendously reliable and simple-to-use devices, however, there are a few useful tips worth knowing which can greatly increase the results that you get from your humidifier.

Use The Right Water In Your Humidifier

There is a range of different humidifiers for homes, including warm mist humidifiers, cool mist humidifiers and ultrasonic ones, but they all work by forcing water droplets into the air either by the use of heat, fans, ultrasonic waves or so on. Standard tap water, while perfectly acceptable for use in home humidifiers does by default typically contain a lot of trace minerals.

While these minerals can be beneficial to the human body when drunk – and can greatly alter the taste of tap water – they can cause problems in humidifiers. As the water leaves the humidifier to enter the air and raise the humidity in your home many of …

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